Here’s an idea – the next time you’re planning a company meeting why not kick things up a notch and have a fun little start? Just to keep that creative mind flowing and it will definitely put your team in a great mood! Here are some great ways to start off a company meeting on a high note.

Trivia Quiz


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Hearing the word quiz always takes me back to our good old schooling days where the teacher used to add the word ‘surprise’ before ‘quiz’, every single time. Well, you know what they say about what goes around comes around? We were once tortured, now it’s our turn to torture? *evil grin*

Jokes aside, trivia quizzes are one of the best ice-breakers known to man! Separate teams into small groups and put your smarty pants on as the winner is in for a treat. To get everyone motivated, offer a kickass present – a bottle of bubble or dinner for the winning team, maybe?



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Because, why not? It’s a classic game and it’s definitely going to get everybody riled up! Plus, we get to see the crazy side of our fellow colleagues!

Salsa Time


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If smarty pants aren’t part of your wardrobe, opt for some dancing shoes instead. This may sound a little bit crazy but a little bit of salsa never hurt. If no one knows how to, just do your own thing and salsa your way to the meeting!

Spider Web


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Get everyone to sit in a circle, start off with a volunteer by letting them hold a ball of string. Now, the person holding the ball has to tell an embarrassing or an interesting story about themselves. Once they’re finished, he/she holds on to the tip of the string and toss the ball to another person. Repeat till everyone gets a hold of the string. All that’s missing is a bonfire. And marshmallows. Yeah, bonfire and marshmallows with some hot cocoa!

Crazy Idol


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This is a little calmer compared to the others. You just get everyone to stand up and name someone they admire and why. This is just a basic exercise to get to know one another and also our values. Can’t have ourselves working with a potential serial killer now, can we?

Well, that’s about it! Tell us if you have more interesting ways to start a meeting! If you’re looking for unique places to host your upcoming meeting then give us a call or WhatsApp us at +6016 7200 347 OR simply browse through our unique venues on!

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