Guest books have been around for as long as we can remember and it is a wonderful way of remembering all your guests that came for your wedding. Instead of sticking to the traditional guest books (which are great), how about mixing it up and be more creative? Here are 7 alternative ideas which are as great as the guest book to consider for your wedding!

Record A Video

It’s 2017, maybe you’d like to keep your memory HD and get your guests to record a video of themselves! It can be as silly and quirky as they like, giving them ample room to be creative. It is up to you on whether you’d like to set up a booth and get them to do it themselves or get a professional to be in charge of this!


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Jenga Blocks

This is a creative and inexpensive way of getting your guests to leave some memories behind! You can either stack it up and keep them or throw all these blocks into a huge memento box and look back at it sometime in the future.


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Take A Polaroid Picture

Shake it like a Polaroid picture! This is an updated version of the traditional guest book. Just in case you forget how Matt and Rachel look like when you’re 50, old and grey 😛 Another idea would be to create your very own scrapbook after your wedding!


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Balloon Poster

This is a really creative idea and it can turn into an art decor for your first home together! Get your guests to sign on the individual balloons on your wedding day and frame this piece of art up.

PS: You can choose your favourite design, it can even be a simple one with just a huge tree and tons of leaves for signatures!


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Write A Letter

This is the most personalised way and if you’re someone who is sentimental, this would be the best! They can write about how did they meet the bride and/ or groom, fondest memory with them, well wishes, marriage advice, grandfather stories and the list goes on.


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Mini Envelopes Board 

Alternatively, you could have mini envelopes instead for shorter well wishes and messages!


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Message In A Bottle 

This is another genius idea on getting your guests to pen down some good wishes and use them as a house decor piece later on! Completely inexpensive, personalised and adorable!


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