Do you live in a landed property and have ample of backyard space? If you do, you might want to consider having a backyard styled wedding! Here are some things you’ll need to take into consideration when planning a backyard styled wedding.

First things first,


If your backyard isn’t big enough or if you’re living in an apartment but still wish to have a backyard styled wedding, your next best choice is to look for alternative venues which give out the backyard vibe or at least have plenty of greenery! Think about having it in an open area like Puteh at Subang or if you would like that homey feel to it, Rendevous Garden would be an ideal venue.


Puteh at Subang; Make a booking or request for a quotation: here.


Rendezvous Garden; Make a booking or request for a quotation: here.

Remember, if you’re having it in your actual backyard, space is limited and you’ll only be able to invite a small group of people so make it count!

Now that you’ve found the perfect venue…

Decor needs to be on point.


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When we say on point, we really mean it. To create the feel of a wedding in a backyard, you’ll need to think about recreating a romantic atmosphere. Think about props you would need, be it a vintage car, boho tent, photo corner, centrepieces and lighting even! Look around and see what type of props you’ve already have in your house and if you must, borrow from your neighbours, family and friends. Of course, if none is suitable you can always DIY or rent it.

Renting equipment.

This comes without saying, you would need to be renting tables and chairs to accommodate your guest and maybe even table linen, china and silverware! For a backyard wedding, Chiavari chairs would be perfect to set the casual and outdoor tone. You can pair this with long or banquet tables, depending on the size of your space.


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We would suggest having tents as stand-by in case of light showers.

Set the stage.

Are you planning to have some entertainment in the form of live band or dancers at your wedding? Maybe you’d like a small dance floor as well. You’ve got to set the stage and build a mini one it if you must!


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Create a playlist.

What kind of atmosphere are you creating? A relaxing one, upbeat or jazzy? Have some of your favourite songs on your wedding day and if you’re not going to have a live band, it’s alright, you can always Spotify it! Create your own playlist of just pick a playlist on Spotify and you’re settled! You might want to consider either buying or renting some speakers as well, just for that extra effect.

Feed your guest.


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Well, of course, you will need to feed your guest and remember to feed them right! We suggest that you opt for a buffet spread instead of a sit-down luncheon or dinner because it is more casual that way and in sync with the whole backyard style.

And that’s how you have a backyard styled wedding! If you’re looking for a space for your wedding or other events, visit and search for a venue that suits your style! Otherwise, contact us at +6 016 – 7200 347 for some assistance.

Apart from sourcing the best venue for your event, here at Venuescape, we also provide you will a complete range of event management services upon request. If you need catering services, decoration, gift bags, renting of tables and chairs, a live band, an emcee or even a clown, we’ve got your back! Whatsapp us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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