Feeling completely stressed out, that you want to just pull your hair out and bite your nails? Put on your headphones, and play your most tranquil piano pieces. We completely understand the feeling of running all over the place and trying to complete given projects. Planning an event is always fun but it can be quite overwhelming! Therefore, here are a few things you can do to kick off the stress yet still stay motivated!

Be Realistic


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Don’t go too crazy over your deadlines and put them one after another! Set a realistic deadline, especially when you have a project coming up and have a whole other list of tasks to complete! We tend to take on more than we can chew hence it is important to stay realistic in order to keep yourself sane throughout. So remember to not say YES to everything when you are not able to deliver.

A Breezy Walk


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Maybe it won’t be that breezy for us thanks to crazy hot humid Malaysian weather but with sunblock, a walk in the park or by the beach will do you more good than you think. When your hair is starting to get frizzy or you start twitching, take a break and grab some fresh air. Who knows, maybe while walking, you’ll clear up the chaos in your head and have a whole new set of ideas! Inspirations come in wondrous ways!

Me, Myself and I


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Don’t just work work work work! All work and no play would make ANYONE dull, let alone Jack. As much as event planning is your passion, it should be a part of your life, not your entire show! Focus on yourself and take a breather. Meditate, and focus on what you have accomplished.

Love Yourself


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We have all been there – too overwhelmed with work, we forget to take care of ourselves. Listen, buddy, if you want to be the one to see all your hard work take place on that particular day and not fall sick, make sure you take care of yourself! We tend to drown ourselves in coffee or processed foods without realising. So, stay healthy!

So, that’s that for this post! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Now, if you’re looking for event spaces for your upcoming corporate event, engagement part or even baby shower, do give us a call at +6016 7200 347 or visit us at www.venuescape.my!

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