Enough of the ‘he asked’ and ‘she said yes’. Let’s get creative and share the amazing news with our family and friends in the most hilarious yet cute way possible!  Here are 10 creative ideas for engagement announcements.

1. Save the Date Theatre Style


Got some extra wedding cash? Book a theatre and screen your engagement news! For movie lovers out there this is the perfect way to tell you family and friends about the good news. Also, helluva expensive, but if you can afford it – WHY NOT?!

2. The Reception


‘It’s like a party within a party’. Funny yet simple, use your photoshopping skills and get creative!

3. The How I Met Your Mother


The show that kept us all on our feet, “WHO’S THE MOTHER?” everyone will be asking! Keep your guests guessing with this awesome engagement announcement.

4. The Hunt Is Over


If you’re feeling more adventurous get that shotgun out and prepare yourself for a hunt!


And on a more subtle note, try sending a postcard with a small note of your upcoming nuptials.

6. The Pet


Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Get someone else to take care of the job. This one is super adorable and will definitely get a lot of ‘AWWWW’.

7. About damn time!


If you’ve been dating for long enough, you have to say ‘about damn time!’

8. Mr. & Mrs.a42831e9b2c603b9d2c72ca19e810295

If you’re looking for an idea with an amazing background and landscape image go for this! Just add the Mr. & Mrs. and celebrate.

9. That Ring Though


Show off your ring with this amazing way of telling your friends and family about your engagement.

10. The Road


Express your excitement of your upcoming life journey and share it with everyone you know!

We hope this eases your process in creating fun ways to tell your family and friends. If you need a venue you and would like to inquire about it, go ahead and request for a FREE quotation and the venue will be directly in touch with you. You’re welcome! For more venue suggestions, visit www.venuescape.my or contact us at 012-7273984.

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